The pelvic/hip singing bowl | approx. 25 cm & 1530 grams

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As the name suggests, the pelvic sound bowl is placed on the abdomen. Its extremely deep sound and intense vibrations can be felt very well.

Placed on the abdomen or back and played with a mallet, the singing bowl create a deep sound which has a very calming effect. The intense, very noticeable vibrations work far into the organs of the abdomen. This singing bowl is perceived as very intense, as the lower abdomen is very well supplied with blood and the vibrations can therefore be distributed very well in deeper body regions. Water and tissue fluids conduct sound very well.

The pelvic/hip singing bowl can be used in many ways in relaxation work on the lounger. Placed and struck close to the soles of the feet, the intense vibrations are transmitted to the soles of the feet via the air (aura).

Effect and mode of action:

  • the 1st chakra (root chakra, topic: basic trust, connection to earth) is addressed
  • the 2nd chakra (sexual chakra, topic: conception, birth) is addressed well
  • Blockages in the abdomen are addressed and, if necessary, resolved
  • physical and mental relaxation


  • hammered / forged
  • Alloy of seven different metals
  • high vibration
  • approx. 25 cm in diameter
  • approx. 1530 grams
  • handmade in Nepal

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